We are a small technology start-up that is growing. We started on Twitter, and were volunteers using it to crowdsource and assist lawyers volunteering at various airports in early 2017. 

We shared resources under our Twitter account, trained lawyers new to Twitter how to use Twitter, and shared best practices to our followers. We supported rule of law issues.

For many reasons, we have widened the scope of our work. We strive to be a neutral platform upon which lawyers and followers can easily and quickly access content.

Dr. Sara Kubik, owner of Help the Lawyers, directs this business operation. She maintains a personal blog at http://sarakubikphd.com/ and a personal Twitter account @sarakubikphd

With Dr. Kubik's knowledge and expertise, Help the Lawyers LLC is growing.

And the goal remains the same: to help the lawyers.


How it all started

A hashtag: #helpthelawyers.

January 29, 2017: Dr. Sara Kubik used #HelptheLawyers for the first time in the context of providing support to the volunteer airport attorneys across the United States. She noticed that people were tweeting and asking how they could help the lawyers who volunteered over the weekend to work at multiple U.S.

Dr. Kubik, a recent law school graduate, would reply to tweets that asked, "How can I help the lawyers?" with various suggestions: 

  • Say "thank you"
  • "They might need some food"
  • "Coffee is never rejected"

Dr. Kubik searched Twitter using the two words "help" and "lawyers" and after realizing so many people were asking how to help, she reached out to Joshua Lenon and Carolyn Elefant, who are both lawyers. Carolyn suggested creating a hashtag, and Dr. Kubik created #helpthelawyers. Thousands of tweets used this hashtag after it was created.

January 30, 2017:  The next day, @Helpthelawyers is created as a handle on Twitter by Natalie Lyda. Natalie volunteers with other organizations, most of them connecting through Facebook. She asks Dr. Kubik, who has more Twitter followers and experiences, to help manage the Twitter account. With Dr. Kubik's input and the content she produced under this account, the Twitter account swells to over 1100 followers in the next three weeks.

February 14, 2017:  Dr. Kubik registers Help the Lawyers LLC in the state of Michigan as the owner of the business.  The @helpthelawyers Twitter account, which was the sole product of the company at that time, operates under this name.